Today, SMITE released the latest playable Guardian: Maui, the premier Demigod of Polynesian mythology. He is the first Polynesian deity to join the SMITE roster since Pele in 2018.

Maui is represented in SMITE wearing traditional Hawaiian garments, including a special type of bark cloth called “Kapa”. He is adorned with feathers and bones, and his skin is tattooed. The SMITE team worked closely with Hawaiian advisors and native Hawaiian employees at Hi-Rez in order to ensure Maui’s appearance was truly reflective of his cultural depictions and heritage.

In the Polynesian pantheon, Maui is the God who is both a trickster and a hero to the people. His tales tell of grand displays where his deeds benefited mankind. Among these are bringing fire to the world by stealing it from the Gods, or slowing the Sun to grant longer days. Don’t let Maui’s mischievous nature fool you - his love for humanity and heroic nature make him a force to be reckoned with. Even the Sun itself couldn’t withstand the might of Maui; these silly gods won’t stand a chance!

Maui marks SMITE’s second-ever Polynesian god, wielding his great hook with the prowess and skill of an expert fisherman. Mastering him requires effective use of his hook to grab enemies, pull up islands, or, if you wish, assist your allies with magical blessings. There are a number of ways to leverage Maui’s penchant for trickery and they will be key to making plays.

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