Pokémon Co. is always cranking out interesting merch for all types of fans, and they’ve been offering some pretty unique collaborations recently. The latest of those tie-ups is available now, and it spotlights the work of Danielle Nicole.

For those who don’t know, Danielle Nicole is, among other things, a handbag designer. She’s come up with all sorts of intriguing designs for handbags and purses, and has worked with a number of recognizable brands in the past. Now she’s teamed up with the Pokémon Co. for a whole new line.

Not surprisingly, this line is completely focused on bags, but there’s quite a variety available. You can pick from Pokémon-themed backpacks, crossover bags, wallets and much more. If you want to dig through the entire line, you can find the official hub page for this collaboration here.

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