LIVE A LIVE came to the Switch back in July 2022, finally giving those outside of Japan a chance to explore this critically-acclaimed RPG, albeit with an HD-2D makeover. If you haven’t hopped in on the game yet (or tried the free demo!), perhaps today’s video feature will convince you.

Takashi Tokita, producer for the re-release of LIVE A LIVE, was part of an event that took place on July 10th, 2022. At this event, Tokita spoke at length about LIVE A LIVE, including the game’s original release, as well as the path forward to the Switch remake. The video gives some really interesting insight into the whole process, and the importance of LIVE A LIVE in general.

The video is less than 15 minutes, yet it’s chock-full of interesting anecdotes and more. Even if you have a passing interest in LIVE A LIVE, it’s more than worth a watch.

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