No Man’s Sky is the latest ‘impossible port’ to come to Switch, and it seems to have made the transition fairly well. Of course, those comments are coming from people who are far less discerning than the gang at Digital Foundry. When it comes to game tech analysis, they’re the absolute kings. What do they think of No Man’s Sky’s jump to Switch? You can hear all about it in the video above.

Not surprisingly, No Man’s Sky had to go through a number of cuts and tweaks to arrive on Switch. At first glance, all might seem good enough, but when you compare the experience to other platforms, you’ll start to notice just how wide of a gap there is. Again, the game is still completely playable and might be fine for most, but there’s no doubt a group of Switch owners out there who’ll find this port unacceptable.

There are indeed a number of hiccups and hitches along the way, with No Man’s Sky suffering from muddied visuals, less-than-stable 30fps, stuttering from time to time, and more. Your mileage will certainly vary with this port, which is why watching the above analysis is a great idea if you’re still on the fence with purchasing.

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