The demo for HARVESTELLA that was released earlier had a survey that accompanied it, and based on the feedback that players gave, Square Enix has shared that the following changes will be made to the game:

  • Reduced time-lapse speed on the world map and the field.
  • Reduced hit time for fishing.
  • Reduced cooldown time for job changes.
  • Increased the Mage’s normal attack speed.
  • Partially reduced loading time.
  • Addition of a warning effect when a character’s HP is low.
  • Modified UI during save and auto-save.
  • Various assorted bug fixes.

If you haven’t tried the demo yet, you can download it here; you can transfer your saved file from the demo to the full game once it releases.

Furthermore, in case you missed it, Square Enix has also shared what Winter looks like in HARVESTELLA. The game launches on November 4th, 2022.

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