Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is mere hours from launching, and we’ve already seen a flood of reviews that heap praise on the game. That goes for gameplay and story, but what about the tech side of things? Digital Foundry is here to give you a very detailed analysis.

As usual, Digital Foundry has put Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope through its paces in order to see how technically up to snuff the game is. There’s a lot to dig into, including comparisons to the original Mario + Rabbids game, so make sure to watch the full feature above. If you’re just looking for resolution and framerate details, here’s what was unearthed.

  • 900p docked
  • 600p portable mode
  • no image reconstruction or TAA
  • basic post-process anti-aliasing
  • targets 30fps and does manage to hit that target most of the time
  • navigating the various worlds can chug at times, causing dips to the mid-20s
  • cut-scenes hang in the 20s for a long period, and sometimes suffer frame-time spikes

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