Asobo Studio released A Plague Tale: Requiem on the Switch earlier this week (Cloud Version), giving us the next chapter in the story of Amicia and Hugo. This game, much like the original, takes place in 14th Century France, and the dev team worked hard to make sure they got the game’s historical details correct.

According to a Games Industry interview with director Kevin Choteau, Asobo Studio brought a historian on board to ensure historical accuracy. Of course, from there it was a matter of finding what worked best for the game, walking a tightrope between historical fact and fiction.

“[The historian] helped us build up the universe, the characters, to find good ideas to feed the story using historical anecdotes. She gave us plenty of ideas that we built upon, telling us ‘You’re going too far’ or ‘You can go even further’. And it’s only because, sometimes, as video game developers, we are going too far, but sometimes history was even worse than what we were doing, and we [thought] people [wouldn’t] believe in it even if it was true.

For example, for the first one, we knew that the garbage level in the streets in Bordeaux was one metre high. So in some streets you couldn’t access the first floor of the building because of the garbage. But we couldn’t put that into the game, it’s too much.”

[director Kevin Choteau]

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