There are a number of light gun games on Switch, even though light gun games nowadays work very differently from how they did in the 80s and 90s. Modern light gun games use a lot of smoke and mirrors to try and replicate the classic experience, and in the case of Switch, the Joy-Con’s motion-sensing abilities stand in for light sensors and flashing screens.

If you’re looking for a new light gun experience on Switch, you can go with the Martian Panic Bundle seen above. Martian Panic launched digitally on the Switch back in late September, but this special retail version nets you a physical copy of the game, but more importantly, a gun peripheral as well.

Just to be clear, this is nothing more than a shell for your Joy-Con, but it does make Martian Panic feel more like a classic light gun game. Along with that, the gun peripheral also lights up and makes noise. You can pick up the Martian Panic Bundle through Best Buy for $40 here, and you can see the light gun in action below.


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1+ y ago

Sparks of what? Nah, today I'm getting Martian Panic!