Jun Senoue’s name and his band, Crush 40, are absolutely synonymous with the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Senoue has been creating music for the Sonic franchise since all the way back with Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and his unique hard/electronic rock stylings have been the hallmark of countless entries over the years.

Those who have been paying close attention to Sonic Frontiers have noticed quite a different approach to sound design for most of the game. Gone are the electric guitars, replaced with melancholic piano medleys. That’s why it’s no real surprise to learn Jun Senoue isn’t involved with this game’s soundtrack at all.

Tomoya Ohtani, who’s also worked on a lot of Sonic soundtracks, is heading up duties on Sonic Frontiers. Ohtani took to Twitter to confirm the lack of involvement from Senoue, and you can see his full statement below.

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Not really surprising. Ohtani has been the lead composer for Sonic games since Sonic 06. I think Senoue's role since then has been more supervisory, only coming in to head the soundtracks of the occasional title like Sonic 4, Black Knight, Generations, Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing.

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A lot of long-time game composers eventually cut down their work as they tag out to the newer generations. A lot of the composers we know from the '80s and '90's that are still in the industry today aren't as active as they used to be for various reasons (one example is Koji Kondo who's mainly swapped to a mainly supervisor/support role these days).

It's going to be a sad time for me when they eventually retire (Nobuo Uematsu's health supposedly is in decline, so he may retire from game composing soon).