The dust has settled and the numbers have been crunched. With September 2022 officially behind us, we can see how the Big N did over with gamers in the UK.

As always, you can find the top 20 software sales in the UK below. Check out that list of who’s who, and then read on for more statistics on how those in the UK were spending their hard-earned cash.

  • 3.17 million games were sold across the UK last month
  • this is up 83% compared with August, but down 6% over the same period in 2021
  • 957,000 physical games were sold, with the remaining 2.2 million coming from digital
  • FIFA 23 accounted for over a third of all games sold in the UK last month
  • NBA 2K23 sales were up over 25% compared with its predecessor
  • Splatoon 3 came in #4 overall, but that’s only from physical sales
  • in terms of purely physical data, Splatoon 3 was #2 for the month
  • console sales in general were up 41% during September, amounting to 176,000 units
  • PS5 was #1, Xbox was #2 and Switch was #3
  • Switch sales were up 44% as compared to the month prior
  • 735,000 accessories and add-on products were sold in the UK during September
  • this was a rise of more than 34% over August, but down 8% over September 2021

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1+ y ago

Has everyone bought GTA5 now? Crazy it’s still going all these years later.


1+ y ago

"FIFA 23 accounted for over a third of all games sold in the UK last month"

Like it was ever a contest, for better or worse. I've no time for EA, but they owned the month. Splatoon 3 released on the 8th of September, FIFA 23 released on the 27th September. It had 4 days of sales compared to Splatoon 3 and other games, I say other games, there weren't really many big new releases last month. It absolutely pulverized the competition. It's funny because in Japan the roles are completely reversed.