We’re guessing you’re up-to-date on the Bayonetta 3 voice acting situation, so we’ll only give a quick recap before we get into the meat of things. The original voice actress for Bayonetta, Hellena Taylor, is not returning for the threequel. The reasoning as to why is multi-faceted and very much a she said/they said situation, but what we know for fact is that Jennifer Hale will be voicing Bayonetta in the third outing.

Poor Hale has been caught up in the back-and-forth about Bayonetta 3, and she had absolutely nothing to do with it. She was simply offered a job to voice a character and said yes. Unfortunately for Hale, her social media has been filled with complaints, anger and all sorts of vitriol.

Following the messy situation, Hale has taken to Twitter to ask for fans to show a little kindness to one another, and all those surrounding the situation. You can see Hale’s message in full below, and hopefully fans will take it to heart.

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I have no problem with putting this all behind us.
Like I said in another thread, I feel for her if she's struggling but that is not Platinum Games responsibility. She made some bad choices and I hope she can find some peace of mind in the future cause if anything I feel even more sorry for her now than ever.


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Do you realize that the woman in this tweet is not the one who caused all this controversy? I think you’re confusing the two voice actresses in this Bayonetta 3 saga.


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Ah, lol. I read that all too fast. Good catch!
Well seeing as how it's Hale saying it, I have yet even more respect for her. Hopefully Hellena will come to the same conclusion.

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When I was watching a video comparison of the voices, I'm surprised that Hale's voice sounded almost identical to that of Hellena's.

So why is everyone complaining about the new voice when its pretty much identical? Isn't that a good thing?