Terraria has just received another update, bringing the game up to Version We have the full patch notes for this update, which you can read below.


  • Worlds where Moon Lord has been defeated now show a golden border on the world selection menu
  • Added one new achievement
  • “Classic” is now the default for new players instead of “Journey”

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some serverconfig options being completely ignored when running servers
  • Fixed a major scaling issue with Journey mode universally having increased stats on enemies
  • Fixed an issue causing players to infinitely use some items without being able to stop
  • Fixed an issue where rescuing certain slimes as the 8th would not unlock The Great Slime Mitosis achievement
  • Fixed character selection not properly applying dyes to players who had dyed pets
  • Fixed a bug that gave an incorrect death message when killed by Jellyfish Shock Attacks Added a failsafe so that broken trees in worldgen will be fixed
  • Fixed Paint Scraper not working with Smart Cursor when removing coatings
  • Fixed some monoliths not properly being “pushed down” into the ground
  • Fixed some liquid rendering issues when in reverse gravity
  • Fixed the change to Chain’s recipe from 10->15 not working. It should now properly give 15.
  • Fixed an issue where Magic Quiver’s knockback bonus rounded down, which actually nerfed most Knockback values
  • Fixed an issue where Chains were lava immune, but could NOT be “extended” into lava
  • Fixed hanging furniture swinging indoors with the wind
  • Fixed an issue where Jungle critters could spawn in a Corrupt/Crimson Jungle when near Hive blocks
  • Fixed an issue during worldgen where the game hangs indefinitely trying to spawn some objects
  • Fixed an issue with Escape not working properly on the Virtual Keyboard
  • Fixed an issue where the change Moon Lord’s Phantasmal Sphere damage was only applied to one of the two versions
  • Fixed a few bugs relating to new content that hasn’t been spoiled yet
  • Fixed an issue preventing 2 of the game title texts from showing, but they are still not properly translated in non-English languages for now
  • Fixed an issue with lava spawns from tiles not spawning serverside in multiplayer, resulting in ghost lava
  • Fixing a worldgen issue with trapped chests, which should alleviate at least one possible cause of worldgen freezing on the Everything seed
  • Fixed an issue where throwing the Guide Voodoo Doll into “Celebrationmk10” lava pool would kill the Guide but would not spawn the Wall of Flesh
  • Fixed a graphic glitch issue with some critter cages
  • Fixed an issue where some items would not transmutate correctly when dropped into Shimmer during a Multiplayer session
  • Fixed an issue where the Shellphone would not teleport the player and would not display a tooltip when crafted

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