Piltowings 64 is the latest Nintendo 64 game to hit the Switch via the Switch Online N64 app. The difference in gameplay between this version and the original N64 release is night and day, thanks to a solid 60fps on Switch. Unfortunately, that silky-smooth gameplay has also led to a pretty big issue with one stage.

Those who’ve been playing Pilotwings on the N64 have noticed that the Birdman stage seems all but impossible. In the tweet above, you can see a comparison between the Switch version and the original. While the original certainly chugs in the framerate department, the game plays fine. On the Switch, it seems like an impossible amount of button presses are needed to flap your wings.

It seems the problem here is tied to the game’s framerate. In this particular stage, your wing flaps are tied to the frame rate. That means on the N64 all is well, but on the 60fps Switch version, you don’t stand a chance when it comes to pressing the button enough times. Hopefully Nintendo fixes up this issue soon.

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1+ y ago

It’s interesting seeing frame rate tied gameplay issues crop up on re-releases. There’s a part in Assassins Creed II that can’t be beaten until you turn off FPS boost on Xbox Series X.


1+ y ago

:/ I wanted to play this soon but I guess I'll wait until they patch it.