Pokémon GO to get a map update soon

A Refreshing new look

20 October 2022
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Pokémon GO gets constant updates in a lot of areas, but one of them we haven’t seen changing much overall is the map. However, that’s about to change! Over the next couple of weeks, Pokémon Go will get an update where the map will reflect more accurately what happens around you, for both the environment and the Pokémon that appear. If you’d like to see in detail how they’ll be changing the map, continue to read ahead:

Global map refresh

The Pokémon GO map will undergo a visual refresh to more accurately reflect the real world and how it’s changed since our last update. After this update, you may begin to see local changes from recent years appear on the map. This may include the removal of old roads or the appearance of newly constructed buildings.

Pokémon will appear in more areas

Soon, different Pokémon will appear in even more places than before. In densely populated areas, this could mean that you’ll see the same numbers of Pokémon as before, but they’ll be spread out more evenly. You may also see Pokémon appear in different locations. For Trainers in rural or rapidly expanding areas, this may also increase the number of Pokémon that appear overall.

Thank you for continuing to play Pokémon GO! We hope that these updates will make your adventures more exciting.

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