If you have ever found yourself going to the web to read about your favorite game, chances are you’ve come across the site Fandom, home of many gaming Wikis but also the focus of high amounts of criticism and controversies. From excessive and questionable ads flooding the website to corporate greed, the site went from being made for the love of fans to the love of suits.

If you feel like this, you are not alone, as the official Zelda Wiki has recently stated that they’ll be going independent from Fandom as their principles do not align with those of the site.

Zelda Wiki’s Editor in Chief states:

“Following Fandom’s recent buyouts and questionable staffing decisions, we feel we have no choice but to do our part to keep the internet free from corporate consolidation.

We strongly urge our fellow wiki communities hosted under Fandom to make the same decision, and to help build independent wiki alliances such as NIWA(opens in new tab) and SEIWA(opens in new tab), free from corporate monopolization and control. For those who are currently employed by Fandom, we urge you to unionize while you still can. We can keep the internet free from hegemonic control together, but it must start with us.”

What do you think? Will you be supporting the Zelda Wiki and its team? Maybe next time you decide to look up “Zelda 2 glitches”, make sure you’re going to their direct site instead!

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1+ y ago

Fandom Wiki browsing has become a real thorn in this wiki-walking nerd's side. Always a drag when a series of interest doesn't have an independent wiki and always a pleasure when they do and I'm not clicking out of a trashy Honest Game Trailers popup every 10 seconds. Hats off to Zelda Wiki, and may many more across all media follow suit. Now to look up these other controversies...

(Mildly ironic to hear this from a Twitter post, but what can you do.)

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1+ y ago

The worst part is they own gamefaqs..a site that I am on as well. Really sucks if all the walkthroughs from that site get taken away because of Fandom...