Persona 5 Royal 'Violet' figma pre-orders now live

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21 October 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Persona 5 Royal has made its way to Switch today, and it brings with it a whole host of characters. Included in the bunch is Sumire Yoshizawa, otherwise known as Violet. If you’re a fan of Violet’s Persona 5 Royal role, you might be interested to know you can pre-order a figma with her likeness starting today!

This Persona 5 Royal ‘Violet’ figma includes posable joints and flexible plastic for you to place the figma as you see fit. Also packed in with this figma are swappable face designs, including a determined face, an angry face and a smiling face. Finally, Violet’s rapier, musket and an alternate hair part are included as well.

While this figma won’t launch until July 2023, you can lock in your pre-order today. This figma is priced at $65 and you can make your purchase through this link.

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