As of today, we are exactly one week away from Bayonetta 3’s launch. In the very near future, we’ll all get to join Bayonetta on her latest adventure and see all the crazy places it takes her. Well, as long as you don’t have things spoiled ahead of time, that is…

It seems that some people out there have gotten their hands on Bayonetta 3 early. While we believe this to be legitimate customers who have had their orders ship out early, it unfortunately only seems like a matter of time before the game is pirated as well. Either way, the situation out on social media right now is a dire one, as spoilers are flying every which way.

If you’re a big Bayonetta fan, please be careful where you’re hanging out on the internet today. As usual, big social media sites like Twitter are the most dangerous ones to peruse, as you could be hit with spoilers out of nowhere. Mute some words/phrases and just be wary in general, as it would be a shame to have things spoiled this close to the game’s release.


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1+ y ago

The biggest spoiler I've found is that Hellena Taylor isn't included. 🤫 Seriously though, that's not funny and it's a sad state of affairs for everyone involved. She was the original, created the voice, and she, in my opinion, does it better than Jennifer Hale.