Hazel Sky has been updated to Version 1.0.10. You can see the full patch notes for this update below.

  • Fixed: Game break checkpoint airplane(obstacle that need to be destroyed by the cannon). The player can overlap airplane’s area checkpoint (without using the cannon to destroy the airplane) and get stuck in the airplane when the respawn happens.
  • Fixed: Wrong translations in texture of glider blueprint. Languages: de, ja, pt-BR, ru, zh-Hans.
  • Fixed: Tower game start sequence. The player can jump when animation of remove blindfold is playing.
  • Collision Polish: First island ropes.
  • Collision Polish: Watch tower character stuck.
  • Fixed: Trinket whale appearing in the menu gallery but not in the game.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent player land from garage roof to the ground close to the ropes.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent shark death when you already dead by drowning.
  • Fixed: Inexistent item between the scarred cigarette pack and the cookie removed from gallery.
  • Polish: Starfish more visible.
  • Polish: Inconsistent scale of the first skeleton at right of the bridge in erin transition 2.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent trigger to avid reader achievement.
  • Polish: Inconsistent physics responses of interactable planks.
  • Collision Polish: Broken boat in island 1.
  • Collision Polish: Skeleton near to boat in island 1.
  • Polish: Well slide area.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent trigger of collectible achievements.
  • Fixed: Game breaking when exit program during finish interaction of the underwater fuse in the slot.
  • Polish: Japanese translations.
  • Fixed: Shane’s teeth is visible when interact with the lock underwater.
  • Fixed: Unable to grab underwater fuse after quit application without pass by default end play procedure.
  • Polish: Collisions in ship on the shore.
  • Fixed: Once Player was unable to enter in balloon.

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