In the competitive action of Overwatch 2, sometimes you want to stay behind cover in order to get the jump on your enemies. As some players have found out the hard way, that simply won’t be possible if you’re wearing a certain skin with Lucio.

With millions spending time in Overwatch 2 right now, a host of bugs are being discovered that Blizzard didn’t catch before launch. One of the biggest ones so far has to be tied to Lucio’s Snow Fox skin. If you’re someone who mains Lucio, make sure you stay far, far away from the Snow Fox skin for now.


As you can see in the image above, players will be able to spot Lucio in his Snow Fox skin even when hiding behind solid walls. It seems this has something to do with the smoke effect that weapons have when using this skin. For whatever reason, the smoke is visible behind walls, blowing up your spot no matter where you’re hiding.

Hopefully Blizzard fixes up this issue soon, but for now, you might want to pick a different skin for Lucio.

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1+ y ago

Neat, another bigger argument to why skins actually offer competive advantage even if some doesnt even think about it. Camoflauge in any game can give an advantage!


1+ y ago


Camo...? This is actually the other way around and people see you BETTER than before.


1+ y ago


Yep i read the article, I'm just arguing that payed skins could work as that, which is a pay to win mechanic that's not discussed too often.