Sonic Frontiers is coming to the Switch on November 8th, 2022, and SEGA’s looking to keep Sonic on gamers’ minds in every way possible. The latest efforts to keep Sonic at the forefront of pop culture comes from a new toy with classic vibes, and some Halloween-themed fun.

First up is a new Sonic the Hedgehog toy from Jakks Pacific, dubbed the Egg Mobile Battle Set. This package includes a 2.5” Sonic and Eggman, and an 8-inch Egg Mobile (unit and stand combined equals 8 inches). You’ll be able to attach all sorts of classic Eggman artillery to the Egg Mobile, including the wrecking ball from Sonic 1, the big hammer from Sonic 2, and more besides. You should be able to find the Egg Mobile Battle Set in stores now for $40.

Along with that, SEGA has also released a series of Sonic-themed stencils for those looking to carve up some pumpkins for Halloween. Three of the designs feature Sonic, while the fourth puts the spotlight on Eggman. You can print these out at home, slap them on your pumpkin of choice, and be the talk of the town with your stylish jack-o-lanterns!

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