Nintendo’s recent round of Fire Emblem Engage social media content has shown off a variety of characters you’ll come across in the game, but this week is kicking off with something different. In today’s series of tweets, we get to learn a bit more about weapon strengths and weaknesses.

Each weapon type in Fire Emblem Engage will have its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Swords are effective against axes, axes are strong against lances, and lances have the advantage against swords. This is the classic Weapon Triangle system Fire Emblem fans are well aware of, and it makes a return for Engage.

Along with that, players will also have to both utilize and keep an eye out for Brawl attacks, which are effective against bows, tomes, and daggers. Brawl attacks can get you out of some sticky situations, but they can also turn the tide of battle against you, so be careful!

If a unit attacks an enemy whose weapon is weak against their own, this will inflict “Break” status. Those who have this status effect will be unable to attack for one turn, which can be absolutely invaluable in tense fights.


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