Mindscape, in partnership with publisher Just For Games and developer FRAG Games, have announced that Life in Willowdale: Farm Adventures has finally made its way to Switch. The game suffered a number of delays, but you can hop on the eShop right now and pick it up for for $40. Life in Willowdale: Farm Adventures takes up 1.3 GB of space.

In Life in Willowdale: Farm Adventures, you’ll fight against a variety of wild and extraordinary creatures. Combat is accessible for everyone and provides players the challenge to land a Perfect Attack or Perfect Defend when encountering enemies. Unlock party members, each with their own unique skill, and earn their friendship to create the dream team for your playstyle. If enemies begin to overwhelm you, use your Ultimate Attack to unleash a devastating combo!

Life in Willowdale: Farm Adventures features farming gameplay, a cozy town filled with friendly locals and adventures across the region. In addition to farming, the game will have social mechanics, combat and much more to make for a family-friendly, engaging and fun experience.

Remember, In Life in Willowdale: Farm Adventures is getting both a physical and digital release, so lock in your pre-order for your preferred version now!

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