Remotto is a company that specializes in accessories for gamers, and they have significant experience in the development of power banks, and they first created the Remotto Battery for PlayStation Controllers. They’ve followed that project up with the Enerjoy, an all-in-one battery pack for Switch.

Enerjoy is an innovative, versatile and compact battery pack which features 3 functionalities in 1 product: an on-the-go battery pack with magnetic clip connection charging, a controller grip with play & charge functionality and a charging dock system for up to 4 Joy-Cons or even for other devices.

Less than 7 days after launch, Enerjoy already hit its funding goal of €20.000, and currently the project is 261% funded. That said, there are still 20 days of the campaign left. If the Enerjoy seems like something you’d like to have for your Switch, you can learn more about the product and pledge some funding through official Kickstarter.

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