PlatinumGames has shared yet another dev blog for Bayonetta 3, and this one goes over the controls for Demon Slave attacks. Platinum has even shared two separate videos on the topic, the first of which you can see above.

One of the basics of Demon Slave is the ability to summon Infernal Demons to use in battle. Demon Slave is a unique feature and an essential skill when it comes to mastering the Demon Slave art.

As you can see in the video, Infernal Demons can be summoned at any time, and while they have tremendous power, you will consume magic power to keep them active. By efficiently stringing Infernal Demon attacks together with Bayonetta’s, you’re in for a treat as you execute some stylish and dynamic combos as you attempt to efficiently retain your magic power.

There’s quite a variety of Infernal Demons, and they range from those who could be considered simple and easy-to-handle, to those who are a little more quirky and difficult to control. Part of the fun is discovering which one works best for you!

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