A new update has been released for Battle Brothers. While we don’t know the version number, we do have details on what the patch includes. Check out the patch notes in full below.

  • Fixed issue where the ‘Siege Fortification’ contract could get stuck in a loop after a certain contract twist outcomes.
  • Fixed game hanging upon accepting the ‘Hunting Schrats’ contract in rare cases.
  • Fixed destruction of some contract-related caravans not counting towards completing the ‘Raid Caravans’ ambition.
  • Fixed the ‘Oath of Honor’ bonus objective not counting kills with reach weapons against enemies with no characters adjacent.
  • Fixed tooltip reporting an inaccurate time remaining to repair items while camping.
  • Fixed UI potentially disappearing in tactical combat if Escape key is pressed rapidly multiple times.
  • Fixed issue with targeting logic of mortar AI.
  • Fixed issue with AI of retreating characters.
  • Fixed exploit on force-attacking allied units on the world map.
  • Fixed areas of the world map losing tooltip functionality.
  • Fixed an issue with having multiple injuries and visiting a temple.
  • Fixed cursor appearing on the pop-up dialog box after beating the kraken and black monolith fights.
  • Fixed Level up bars are always appearing full when using up quick button on the d-pad.
  • The “Renown” and “Reputation” areas can now be highlighted in the “Factions and Relations” screen.
  • Fixed various smaller issues and typos.

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