The visual novel Butterfly’s Poison; Blood Chains is already available on the Switch in Japan, but it seems like the game will be arriving on the Switch eShop in NA/EU soon as well. Just today, the Japanese version of the game received an English text update. If you don’t feel like waiting for the NA/EU release, you can actually hop on the Switch eShop in Japan right now and grab the game, then head into the options and switch the text to English!

Even better, an updated version of Butterfly’s Poison; Blood Chains is hitting retail locations in Japan as well. This physical release also includes the English option, making it perfect for those who’d like to import. We’ll keep an eye out for import retailers offering the title and keep you updated.

Butterfly’s Poison; Blood Chains takes place in Tokyo in 1918. In this tale of love and hate, five young men pursue the daughter of an aristocratic family on the verge of ruin. If you’d like to learn a bit more about the characters and story of this title, you can check out the official info page here.

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