Square Enix has been doing a lot with music lately, and their latest efforts have resulted in the release of two brand-new albums.

Square Enix has released both Mellow Minstrel Mix Vol.2 and Airship Cruise Beats Vol.2 today, and each album contains remixes of songs from a variety of their games. You can see the track listing for each album below.

Mellow Minstrel Mix Vol.2

  • “Cosmo Canyon” from Final Fantasy VII
  • “Under the Stars” from Final Fantasy Tactics
  • “Zanarkand” from Final Fantasy X
  • “Podorui” from Romancing SaGa 3
  • “Rising Sun” from Final Fantasy Adventure
  • “Vague Hope” from NieR:Automata
  • “Small Two of Pieces -Screeching Shards- from Xenogears
  • “Legend of the Mermaids” from Romancing SaGa 2
  • “Bejeweled City in Ruins” from Legend of Mana
  • “Tressa, the Merchand” from Octopath Traveler
  • “Protagonist’s Theme” from Final Fantasy Tactics
  • “Weight of the World” from NieR:Automata
  • “A Distant Promise” from Xenogears

Airship Cruise Beats Vol.2

  • “Dark Dawn” from Xenogears
  • “Pain of the Universe” from Legend of Mana
  • “Horrible Shadow” from Romancing SaGa 2
  • “Awakening” from Final Fantasy XI
  • “Four Sinistrals Battle II” from Romancing SaGa 3
  • “The Decisive Battle” from Final Fantasy VI
  • “Emil” from NieR Gestalt and Replicant
  • “The Emperor’s Wrath” from Romancing SaGa
  • “The Dalmasca Estersand” from Final Fantasy XII
  • “Soaring” from Xenogears
  • “Hightension Wire” from Trials of Mana “- Jenova” from Final Fantasy VII
  • “Hills of Radiant Winds” from NieR Gestalt and Replicant

Square Enix’s chill Mellow Minstrel Mix and EDM Airship Cruise Beats albums are up for grabs via Apple Music, and you can get links to both here.

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Thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely be checking these out as I see a lot of excellent osts being remixed there.
Gotta love the mix of old and new also.

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