One of the many, many faces you’ll meet in Tactics Ogre Reborn next month is Ozma Moh Glacius, the only female member of the Dark Knights Loslorien. In advance of the game’s November 11th, 2022 launch, the team behind the game shared a few more details on this character.

Director Yasumi Matsuno took to Twitter to discuss Ozma, one of the many characters who is now voiced for this remake. Mie Sonozaki handled voice acting duties for Ozma, and she’ll definitely be putting a unique spin on the character.

According to Matsuno, Ozma doesn’t consider herself “feminine.” Ozma is much more focused on her serious demeanor, and she’s well-aware of her position as part of a prestigious noble line. Ozma won’t hesitate to use her noble lineage to her advantage, so anyone who gets in her way better watch out. Matsuno followed up by saying that Sonozaki was instructed to portray Ozma as a strong warrior that will never back down.

Ozma will have an expanded role in Tactics Ogre: Reborn, but it’s one that was always planned for the character. Back with the original Tactics Ogre release on the Super Famicom, story content for Ozma was cut due to a strict development timeline. This content was brought back for the 2010 PSP remake, and serves as the basis for what you’ll see in Tactics Ogre: Reborn.

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1+ y ago

I love Matsuno. I love Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII is my favorite FF game. I loved Crimson Shroud on the 3ds. I love how he writes epic stories and how his characters are super cool and heroic but never seem to overdo it, never bragging or going for the typical shonen way of doing heroic attitudes. They just keep it cool and sobre and very much down to earth as if their insanely heroic attitudes were just normal and just what has to be done in the situation they are dealing with. And of course that makes them even cooler in the end.

But unfortunately I'm really not into tactics, so I know Ogre won't be for me but god do I hope Matsuno gets back to some other types of games at some point. A dungeon crawling vagrant story kind of game maybe?