Santa Ragione has revealed that Saturnalia, a single-player horror-adventure set in the Italian region of Sardinia, circa 1989, has arrived on Switch today. The game is priced at $20 and takes up 1 GB of space.

Saturnalia is a kaleidoscopic adventure inspired in equal parts by authentic Sardinian folklore and classic Italian giallo horror films. The story involves a mysterious, centuries-old ritual that occurs every year on the night of the winter solstice in the Italian village of Gravoi. Each of the game’s four playable characters must utilize their unique abilities and confront their own personal revelations in order to expose the secrets haunting the town and ultimately escape their doom.

Immerse yourself in the stop-motion animation and vibrant expressionist art style of Saturnalia for an eerily beautiful atmosphere that is as enthralling as it is chilling. Control your fate through non-linear progression and a dynamic, adaptive narrative, with unique endgames dependent on player choices.

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1+ y ago

I love my Switch, but feel it is my obligation to point out that this game is free on Epic Games store this week.