The Japanese visual-novel Isekai Harem Saver from developer and publisher Cyberstep is available now for Nintendo Switch worldwide. A free demo has also been released, although unfortunately only for Japan. Isekai Harem Saver is priced at just $1.99 USD and is rated M. Check out details about the game below via the Nintendo eShop.

”- Isekai Harem Saver - ハーレム過ぎる異世界は俺が救う” is a novel game in which the protagonist “Daigo”, saves the world of harem while encountering various incidents.

This Bishojo Game originally released under the “Genyukyo” brand has been reworked for the “CS Novels” so that they can be enjoyed by players all over the world.


Businessman Daigo Igarashi suddenly had a stomachache while on fieldwork and rushed into a restroom. At that moment, he hears cheers and a few screams. Daigo, who was in the restroom was suddenly summoned to an isekai.

A world full of beautiful women…or rather, only women. Here every child born is female, and once every decade or so, they summon a man from another world to bear a descendent.

As the only man in the world, the retention of the species depends on him. Can he save the world of harem?!


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