Yooka-Laylee x Kao the Kangaroo free DLC announced

Two modern 3D platformers unite!

27 October 2022
by nintendojam 0

Tate Multimedia and Playtonic Games have partnered up for an unexpected crossover; Yooka from Yooka-Laylee is coming to Kao the Kangaroo via a free DLC costume pack. While the DLC is already available for most platforms, the Switch version has still yet to go live. Regardless, you can check out the reveal trailer above and details on the DLC below. Hopefully it’s available for Switch soon.

Legends speak of a powerful duo who once collected every single item, even as far as the eye could see. Secrets revealed, coins collected, challenges overcome. They say to reflect your heroes, you must reflect their ways… introducing the Yooka-Laylee costume pack! The power of friendship and a love of collectibles come together in the form of this FREE DLC pack containing a tribute to a modern icon of 3D platformers!

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