HITMAN 3: Freelancer arrives on Jan. 26th, 2023, just a few months away. It’ll bring a new way to play Hitman, introduce a customizable safehouse and so much more. If this is all new to you, you can catch up on what Freelancer has to offer below.

Sit back and relax for an in-depth, 10-minute gameplay video of how to play HITMAN 3’s Freelancer mode. This video introduces all the core concepts, how to play, what you can unlock and reveal some new details.

As you’ll soon see for yourself, Freelancer Mastery is tracked through the new location at the core of the Freelancer mode: Agent 47’s Safehouse. Just as any other location, the Safehouse will have a mastery track that can be progressed by completing challenges and earning XP. The safehouse in the full release will have 100 mastery levels.

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