Clover Bite, alongside Akupara Games, announced their new DLC expansion called GRIME: Colors of Rot at the Akupara Games Publisher Showcase. GRIME: Colors of Rot will be heading to Switch, and players will have new and innovative ways to destroy…consume… and GROW!

GRIME has rooted itself in the metroidvania playerscape with its anatomical horror, souls-like leveling progression, and innovative parry system. All this and more allowed developer Clover Bite the ability to bring the next addition to GRIME with Colors of Rot. Colors of Rot brings new abilities, new weapons, new enemies, and a whole new area for players to explore and uncover called Childbed. Use these new ranged-melee hybrid weapons and abilities to bring down the monstrosities you’ll find in this new expansion of GRIME.

We’ll bring you a release date for GRIME: Colors of Rot as soon as one is shared.

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