Mere hours before Bayonetta 3 launches, PlatinumGames has shared another dev blog on the game. This time around, we get a video and written feature on some of the character designs in the game.

Lead character designer and art director for Bayonetta 3, Mari Shimazaki, has shared a wealth of insight into some of the threequel’s supporting cast. In particular, we get detailed breakdowns for the designs of Jeanne, Luka, Rodin and Enzo.

Depending on how seriously you take spoilers, you might want to hang back on reading this feature until you play Bayonetta 3. There’s nothing major in the feature that gets covered, but it is a bit more insight than what we’ve gotten in trailers and other features so far.

If you’re down for the details, you can find PlatinumGames’ full blog on these character designs here.

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