The vast majority of Pokémon GO Trainers out there are fantastic people, but just like the games, there’s always a few Team Rocket members hiding in plain sight.

75-year-old Robert Matteuzzi and his 33-year-old son Angelo were convicted of third-degree assault in a tussle that was related to Pokémon GO. Robert will serve a sentence of 3 days in jail and a fine, while Angelo will just have a fine.

The problems started when Robert and Angelo were on one Pokémon GO team, while another trainer was on a different team. Instead of battling things out in Pokémon GO, Angelo attacked the victim on the other team and rolled him into a lake. Angelo’s father Robert then jumped into the lake and held the victim underwater while Angelo repeatedly punched him. This caused the victim to suffer facial abrasions and other injuries to his eye.

As far as we know, the victim has fully recovered from the tussle.

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Pretty sure this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about people Pokémon GO-ing to jail over the game.

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1+ y ago

Obviously they should be punished but the thought of a 75 year old beating the crap out of some guy in honor of a Pokemon is....something I wasn't expecting to read today.