My Nintendo adds Splatoon 3 bag in Australia

For all your Hotlantis items

27 October 2022
by videocookies 0

While Nintendo of America already released a very similar bag a month ago (the handle being a little different), our Australian friends in the other side of the world will finally be able to get their hands on their own! As MyNintendo is now offering the same bag for 500 Platinum Coins. As for details, this is what we have about it:

1- Dimensions:

  • Body: 260mm x 260mm x 180mm (approx.)
  • Long handle: 30mm x 560mm (approx.)
  • Short handle: 30mm x 300mm (approx.)

2- Material: Polypropylene

3- Capacity: ~7kg

Good material, strong, decent capacity, top it off with a Splatoon design and you got yourself a very fresh bag! If you’d like to get it for yourself, you can do so by following this link.


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