Behaviour Interactive has announced that Dead by Daylight will be updated to Version 6.4.0 sometime in November 2022, and that update is going to add a much-requested feature. As promised a few months back, Dead by Daylight will soon let players add bots to custom matches.

Starting in 6.4.0, the host of a custom game can click the ‘+’ icon to add a random Survivor bot to the lobby. Don’t like the way that bot looked at you? The host can click their name and remove the bot at their discretion. You can face off against an entire lobby of robot Survivors, fill empty slots when playing with friends, or ignore them entirely and play with a partial lobby of human friends like before.

While the first version of the feature focuses on Survivor bots, Behaviour plans to include Killer bots in a future update so you can practice against each Killer as well. This will take some time, however, since the AI needs to be trained to use each Killer’s power first.

Additionally, Behaviour has a few other improvements in store for this feature in the future, including the ability to select which characters you want by your side and their loadouts (though not all perks, items, and add-ons will be available to bots).

That’s not all Version 6.4.0 will include, though. There will be overall visual improvements, flashlight adjustments, matchmaking tweaks and more. If you want the full notes on everything coming in the game’s next update, you can find the details here.

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