Overwatch 2, much like many other games out there, lets you purchase various cosmetic items for your character. One category of cosmetics is weapon charms, and it turns out one of them can be purchased cheaper in real-life than in the virtual world.

In the image above you can see a Pachimari keychain, an item Blizzard is selling both in Overwatch 2 and in real-life. If you purchase the physical version of this charm, you’ll have to pony up $5. If you instead go with the virtual version, you’ll have to pay 700 Overwatch Coins. As you might have guessed, 100 Overwatch Coins are equal to one dollar, so you’ll have to spend $7 to equip the virtual charm.

It’s pretty crazy to think that a virtual item somehow costs more than the physical counterpart, especially when that in-game option doesn’t do anything to enhance your abilities. Of course, you wouldn’t want the game to be pay-to-win, but you’d think the extra cost could net you some other sort of benefit!

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