While Bayonetta may not be one of the biggest franchises is gaming, it certainly has legions upon legions of dedicated fans who are always eager to see what’s next for the Umbra Witch. Those fans had been crossing fingers and toes for a new installment in the Bayonetta series since Bayonetta 2, which released all the way back in 2014. Thankfully, Nintendo and PlatinumGames came together once again to make it happen.

In a new interview with Famitsu, PlatinumGames supervising director Hideki Kamiya 3 and Nintendo producer Makoto Okazaki talked about the process of bringing Bayonetta 3 together. Turns out Kamiya had a great desire to make the threequel, and started putting together story and gameplay ideas long before the project was officially greenlit.

After Platinum and Nintendo worked together to bring Bayonetta 1 and 2 to Switch, Kamiya created a video pitching the idea of Bayonetta 3 to Nintendo. In Okazaki’s opinion, this ‘passionate’ video was what pushed Nintendo over the edge and got them to give the go-ahead on Bayonetta 3.

Kamiya spoke a bit more about that video, his interest in working on Bayonetta 3, and his appreciation for Nintendo in making this happen.

I think I was asked to make that video by (PlatinumGames CEO Atsushi) Inaba (laughs). He said he wanted to show the creator’s passion directly. I said earlier that I was almost completely uninvolved with Bayonetta 2, but I did write the story, and I think they kept it intact mostly. Since I saw that it was well-received, I wanted to expand the world even further for the fans, and also wanted to challenge myself. That’s why I was really happy that we were able to make the third game. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m forever indebted to Nintendo.

[Hideki Kamiya, PlatinumGames]

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1+ y ago

There’s a decent chance Bayonetta would be a dead franchise had Nintendo not stepped in the publish.
Glad it paid off for Platinum and Nintendo in the end.

Now its only a matter of who is better off handling it. SEGA or Nintendo?


1+ y ago


Is that even a question? SEGA was fully prepared and intending to leave the franchise dead and buried after the first game underperformed financially until Nintendo stepped in and greenlit 2 and 3


1+ y ago

It seems Nintendo is just giving full reins to the creators and not interfering too much and that's definitely a good thing giving the franchise's levels of strangeness/quirkiness. It's definitely an acquired taste and it should stay that way so props to Nintendo for that.

But if that's the case, then its going to be the Pokemon ownership fiasco because if SEGA wants to release the games elsewhere they can't because Nintendo owns 2 & 3.

And if 3 doesn't do well, then Nintendo won't consider letting Platinum do a 4 if they want to.


1+ y ago

Consolidation isn’t a trend I like seeing, but surely better Nintendo than another company right? Their partnership has certainly been more fruitful than others Platinum engaged with…


1+ y ago

Nintendo and Platinum always work great together. If the entire independent publishing thing doesn't work for Platinum then Nintendo should just take them in (Yeah, purchase them).

Bayonetta 3 is AMAZING on so many levels and I am also thankful for Nintendo for letting these two games happen.

It angers me a bit when I see people whine that the games are exclusive as if Nintendo are some assholes because of it rather than being thankful the games exist in the first place. Some gamers really act like spoiled brats on the internet that just do not understand business. Time to grow up!

A big thanks to both Platinum and Nintendo for this gem of a game! =)