We’ll get the full weekly physical software sales in the UK in a day or two, but today brings us a little bit of insight into how things went for Bayonetta 3, and it’s good news.

According to early data, Bayonetta 3’s physical launch in the UK is trending ahead of Bayonetta 2. Just to be clear, this only pertains to physical sales in the UK, as Nintendo doesn’t release digital sales data.

While we don’t have numbers to share at this time, we do know that the difference between the two games’ sales is very marginal. That said, an increase in sales is an increase in sales! It’s likely the digital side of things will see a considerable difference, but again, we’ll only get that information if Nintendo decides to share.

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I would expect so. Bayonetta 3 has an install base of 110+ million. Bayonetta 2 released on Wii U, an install base of 13 million, except that was its final number, it came out 2 years into its short doomed lifespan.

I really hate, that's not even a strong enough word for it, how sales are reported in the UK. Please give us numbers, not the spin that's put on things.

I wish it well, but I can see why Hellena asked for more and maybe residuals. Though she seems to have deliberately put her own slant on the truth. She helped establish it and why shouldn't she benefit? Now it's on a massive install base.

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While not mentioned in RMC's post, the source link says that this is actually about Bayonetta 2's release on Switch.


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BEAUTIFUL! This game deserves all the sales since it's just amazing. It's Bayonetta even if they changed up things. Platinum really pushed the Switch to it's limits and it shows. These people are magicians.

And Hale does such a great job I just forget the entire drama while playing. She is Bayonnetta. Well done!

Go fetch this game if you are a fan of the series or genre, people!

Why shouldn't she benefit?
Following that logic the programmers and other staff should get residuals as well. They MADE the game and put in months of hard work.