Happy Halloween from developer Epic Llama Games and publisher ESDigital Games! To celebrate the season, the teams behind ‘80s-love-letter mystery adventure Unusual Findings and spooky point-and-click Darkestville Castle debut a new Adventure Llama bundle with both games for a discounted price across all platforms, dropping the price to $24.99 / €24.99. This bundle is not live just yet, but will be very soon.

Concurrently, Unusual Findings celebrates its critically acclaimed launch with a brand-new Accolades Trailer, a new demo available coming to Switch within the week, and new DLC sometime down the road.

In Unusual Findings, save a small town in the era of VHS rentals, baseball cards, and new wave. Solve classic point-and-click puzzles with handy assists and change the course of Vinny, Nick, and Tony’s lives forever in a branching narrative that reacts to your choices. See this coming-of-age story, inspired by classic films like The Goonies and The Lost Boys, to its stirring conclusion. Along the way, enjoy the nostalgic warmth of ‘80s cameos, easter eggs, music, and art.

In Darkestville Castle, everything was fine and dandy: I was tormenting the town people, the town people were being tormented… It was a fair deal! Who could complain? Not me, that’s for sure! …until that moron, Dan Teapot, hired a group of professional demon hunters to banish me! I don’t even know why he has a grudge against me. Maybe I burnt his house a couple of times, but I only did it because it was hilarious! Anyway, help me in this adventure to best my foes and let’s make evil reign Darkestville once more!

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