UK software sales for the week ending Oct. 29th, 2022

Bayonetta 3 snags 3rd, how fitting!

31 October 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Things are finally back to normal with the UK software sales charts. The top 40 list has released at the start of the week, as usual, giving us a breakdown of what’s currently popular in the United Kingdom. Take a look at the UK software charts for the week ending Oct. 29th, 2022 below, along with some notes on various titles.

  • Bayonetta 3 is up 4% over the Switch port of Bayonetta 2
  • Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope dropped 52% in sales week-on-week
  • Persona 5 Royal drops from No.6 to No.15 after a 61% sales slip
  • overall Switch physical software sales are down 9% year-to-date
[Games Industry, GamesPress]

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1+ y ago

Not a bad entry point against FIFA and Call of Duty (Bro).


1+ y ago

3rd place was probably the realistic target for Bayonetta 3. However, only "up 4% over the Switch port of Bayonetta 2" is not great. Bayonetta 2 was a Wii U port, sales likely weren't that high to begin with. It released in the first year of Switch, Bayonetta 3, a new game released as the Switch approaches 6 years old. The Switch install base hasn't increased by 4% over that time. An install base of probably 118 million plus at this point versus 18 million after 1 year. That's a 555% increase, so a 4% increase in sales of Bayonetta 3 over 2, is a pittance.