Rune Factory 5 finally saw release on the Switch just a few days back, and it’s an installment franchise fans have been waiting a long time for. Believe it or not, Rune Factory 4 launched for the 3DS all the way back in 2012! In other words, its been 10 long years since we’ve gotten a new, numbered installment!

Wondering why we had to wait a decade for Rune Factory 5? NintendoEverything spoke to Rune Factory 5 director Shiro Maekawa to find out.

It all had to do with timing. Our company drafted plans for Rune Factory 5 multiple times, but various factors repeatedly prevented us from proceeding with them until now. I’m sorry our fans had to wait so long for the next entry.

Curious as to whether Rune Factory 5 is worthy of a decade-long wait? Find out in our extensive Rune Factory 5 review!

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