Did you know that we’re currently in the longest wait ever between mainline Legend of Zelda titles? Its been over 5 and a half years since Breath of the Wild released, and thankfully, our wait will end on May 12th, 2022 with Tears of the Kingdom. The good news is that the wait hasn’t been so bad, as Breath of the Wild was the biggest Zelda game ever, and fans definitely aren’t done enjoying it just yet.

Some of those fans happen to be modders, and they’ve been busy cooking up some unofficial content for the game. In particular, one group of modders took on the task oc creating a bunch of Halloween-related content. Those goodies have been grouped together into a ‘Halloween Hunt’ mode, and you can check it out in the trailer above.

Halloween Hunt obviously includes a ton of spooky content, packing in new challenges, armor, weapons and NPCs. There’s even a new boss for you to tackle, dubbed the Phantom Rider. Even if Nintendo isn’t keen on this kind of content being released by fans, you still have to appreciate the dedication and skill!

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