While the Switch already has a huge collection of RPGs, we now know that one more is on the way. The Kickstarter for the sci-fi RPG LunarLux was looking to bring in $10k to launch on Switch, and that goal was easily met. While we don’t have a release date beyond a vague 2023, at least we know that LunarLux is a lock for Switch.

It is the Year 30XX; a time where humanity has successfully settled on and terraformed the moon! Experience a refreshing Sci-Fi RPG adventure in LunarLux; a story of science, truth, justice, and trust. Join Lunar Warrior Bella and her robot sidekick Tetra in their quest to protect the people of Luna from the mysterious Murks! Experience thrilling battles with a Hybrid Turn-Based x Action-Based Battle System! Your skills will control the outcome!

There’s still roughly 2 days left on the Kickstarter for LunarLux, so you can help the game reach some stretch goals or just pledge to lock in your copy. You can find the game’s official Kickstarter here.


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