LEGO Bricktales is a LEGO game that aims to replicate the real-life look, feel and experience of playing with LEGO. There are plenty of LEGO games out there, but almost all of them use LEGO as a visual approach, and don’t factor in the LEGO experience.

The team behind LEGO Bricktales wanted to do something different, and it came with a singular focus. In a feature from developer ClockStone Studio, we hear more about the team’s goal of creating in-game environments you could build in real-life.

As soon as we figured out that we wanted to explore more of what it means to play with LEGO elements, we had to seriously think about what that even meant. Pretty early on we committed to the idea of creating dioramas made solely of LEGO bricks. Our vision as artists was something you could feasibly build IRL on your living room table and then play with, just like an elaborate LEGO set. Make it digital while respecting the sheer physicality of the original. This meant we had to work within established rules and guidelines.

[ClockStone Studio]

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