From the moment It Takes Two was revealed, plenty of people thought the game would be a perfect fit for Switch. While Switch wasn’t in the development plans from the get-go, Nintendo fans will finally get a chance to give this award-winning game a go on November 4th, 2022.

It Takes Two on other platforms is quite visually pleasing, and it’s also pushing split-screen the entire time. How in the world did this title get brought over to Switch? In an interview with Nintendo Life, executive producer Scott Cromie talks about the port goals and an outcome he thinks Switch fans will be very happy with.

I would say it’s the typical challenges related to most bigger, beautiful games like It Takes Two that weren’t ever really intended for the Switch — there are these incredible environments you’re running through pretty fast — so yeah, there’s going to need to be a lot of work done to ensure we’re consistently hitting that 30FPS and that it looks great at 1080p in docked mode or 720p in handheld.

But I think, overall, it’s the players’ expectations; there are big expectations when it comes to bringing over a product like this to the Switch. There are around 111 million units of the platform sold, so that’s a big player base, some of which are already fans of the title and some who may not have played it before. So there are a lot of expectations, but I’m confident that we’ve exceeded them.

[executive producer Scott Cromie]

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