Super Dungeon Maker is a creative pixel art level/dungeon editor inspired by classic Zelda and Super Mario Maker. Choose however many levels, enemies, secret rooms, traps and items you want. Challenge your friends and the community to master your dungeon or play the countless dungeons of the community. There’s even full Cross-platform support planned for Switch and PC!

The easy to navigate dungeon creator allows you to make exciting dungeons-levels within minutes. Choose how many levels, items and hidden objects you want and create your very own pixel art-style dungeons of varying themes and difficulties. This dungeon maker is the perfect tool for learning and studying level design.

If you want to help bring this one to Switch, you can spend some cash over on the Super Dungeon Maker Kickstarter. The team needs just $15 to release this title on Switch, and they’re already well on their way. You can find the official Kickstarter here.

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