Back on September 18th, 2022, Pokémon Sword and Shield trainers in North America had the chance to head to GameStop to grab a Shiny Eternatus code from GameStop locations. Now our friends in Europe can finally grab that distribution as well. The code is available through a GAME web form, so fill it out and Shiny Eternatus is yours!

Shiny Eternatus will appear at Lv. 100 with a Timid Nature and the Pressure Ability. It’ll know the moves Dynamax Cannon, Eternabeam, Sludge Bomb, and Flamethrower. To claim your in-game gift, follow these steps:

  • Launch your Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield
  • Select Mystery Gift on the X menu.
  • Select Get a Mystery Gift.
  • Select Get with Code/Password to save your game and connect to the internet. Enter your code or password.
  • Watch as the gift arrives in your game. (Pokémon will appear in your party or your Pokémon Boxes. Items will appear in your Bag.)
  • Be sure to save your game.

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The link just throws me on the site and I don't see any form. Am I doing it wrong?