It Takes Two comes to Switch on November 4th, 2022, finally giving Switch owners a chance to see what this Game of the Year winner is all about. As many already know, It Takes Two is built completely around co-op play, which is why so many thought Switch would be the perfect platform for it. Turns out the Switch gets to take that co-op experience even one step further, and in a way that’s not possible on other platforms.

It Takes Two on Switch allows two people to play co-op online and locally on one system, but it also includes local wireless play. In other words, two players can enjoy the game together while playing on individual Switch units. In an interview with NWR, producer Louis Polak spoke a bit more about bringing that feature together.

In this instance, we did build a custom solution. The game wasn’t natively built to support the local wireless system so that was one of our major challenges that we needed to overcome because we knew that was a number one priority to support that feature on Switch. And especially with this being a co-op, split-screen game. So we ended up building that from scratch and we’re stoked to have it in.

[Louis Polak, producer]

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